Honey Pie

Presented by Warehouse

Warehouse Concert Hall presents

HONEY PIE | Hamilton, ON

“Honeypie is a band based out of Hamilton, Ontario comprised of Christian Parry, Matthew Brohman, and Finn Pender-Chapman.”


BURS | Toronto, ON

“Burs’ 2020 EP, Through Windows, garnered attention from Atwood Magazine’s Artists to Watch column, hailing the premiere as “a feverish, throttling introduction full of feeling and intent…a defiant spectrum of folk and rock-influenced dream pop.” A dual single emerged shortly thereafter, stemming from the band’s virtual exchange of ideas amidst isolation: Flowers / Is This Thing On. Each track is lined with messages of irony and a continuous search for peace in the modern condition. These works simultaneously honed Burs’ musical endeavors from familiar interactive territory into newfound depths of sonic experimentation. 
 In summer 2022, Burs foreshadowed a forthcoming LP with the respective releases of singles Lily and Try. The release of a third and final single – Hunger – marks a trinity of sonic pillars that fuse across the record. Holding Patterns, the inaugural full-length offering by Burs, released on September 30th.”

SOFT ANIMALS | St. Catharines, ON

“Sean Aileen is a singer-songwriter and theatre artist from St. Catharines, ON. Weaving soft melodies over guitar, Sean’s musical style has been described as introspective acoustic folk and is ever evolving and expanding. With songs written largely over the course of the pandemic in her bedroom as an attempt to capture the transitional and hard-to-put-your-finger-on moments of life, this evening, she is joined by a band of “Soft Animals,” her cherished friends and collaborators who have helped elevate her songs to the next level.”

FOR ERNEST | St. Catharines, ON

“For Ernest is a fresh ambient-acoustic duo that stretches the definition of folk music beyond its normal bounds. As an experienced live looper, Michael utilizes his guitar to create percussive and ambient sounds in tandem with Tara’s harmonies and keyboard to build sonic landscapes that are as equally inspired by the songwriting of Damien Rice as they are the production of Bon Iver.”

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Tickets: www.showclix.com/event/honey-pie-23-09-20